What is the Truth About Content-Length in Blog Posts?

Any blog post should have a content length of at least 300 words. There is no doubt that thinking about content length should not be your aim. Just focus on writing a thorough, well-research, and engaging blog post that has enough information i.e., no more and no less.

Why do most of us think that longer blog posts rank better than shorter ones?

  1. Longer blog posts receive more backlinks

There is a strong correlation between longer blog posts and backlinks which are most important according to Google search engine. The only possibility might be longer blog posts are more impressive and people link to them. But there is one more truth in content length that if your blog post crosses the word limit 1000 words even then the backlinks start decreasing. 

So, if your blog post has longer content then it can tend to have more backlinks but if the content is having less ‘need to know’ points as compared to ‘nice to know’ points then it can lose important backlinks. 

People don’t link to the blog posts which they haven’t read and even to those posts that take three hours to read.

Therefore, the blog posts should be fluff-free and concise and don’t forget to include ‘link-worthy’ points. 

  1. Longer blog posts get more  organic traffic

It is not compulsory that every longer blog post will get more organic traffic. You should start writing what’s important instead of writing tirelessly. Focus on negating the unimportant stuff and include important, thus making your posts succinct. 

As nobody wants to read more than they want to therefore, there you should keep your content length concise. Get guidance from an SEO company in Amritsar and even you can take advantage of growing your business online at a lesser cost.

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